Determination To Be a Super Blogger Full-Time

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Indeed, blogging activity I've done for some years, precisely since 2007, or about 6 years ago, when I was in the final period of my study at university.  But, until now I have not become a successful blogger. Consistency and discipline are to be my biggest problems.  And now, I am once again reiterating that I determine to be a successful super blogger / true blogger.

For this time, I am being a new blogger, so I have to set my goals and affirm my goals in blogging activity.  Blogging is my goal to raise my standard of living. My short term goal is to get 100 dollars per month from adsense. By getting that amount, at least I can continue my life journey and my little family quietly.  If I've achieved that goal, I will set the next greater target.  The bigger targets I will have to charge because I want to make life more meaningful, and it means that I can do a lot for myself, my wife, brother, family and community.

Furthermore I also have to realize the consequences of my decision determining to be a blogger fulltime. All types of businesses have their risks, including as a blogger.  As a blogger who try to make money from adsense, of course I must ready to unintended consequences such as if the account is disabled, de-indexed blog and so on.  If it does, I should not be panicking. Instead of frantically, it is better to think calmly and clearly about what to do.

Well, having experience failure as a blogger in the past, there are some things that I have to notice as a full-time blogger deermining to be a super blogger.  I,e:

1. Stop searching, surfing and start blogging now. Here's my main mistake and weakness till now, too many looking for information and a little acting for blogging.  I consumed a lot of time to look for ways and visit there and here so necessity to make writing and posting to be not implemented. Writing an article will be very difficult and unattainable if I stay like this.  Looking for the right keywords (utilizing the planner and search google), and making articles with the rules of SEO, and post them, are acts that I have to do from now on.

2. Making the deadline. Just like journalists, bloggers also must have targets and deadlines.  I do not know how many articles I can make in a day by using the English language. But at least 3 articles are the ideal number for this early stage. At least, in a day, it should there be a posting of one article minimally.

3. Making a to- do-list. Making a list of what to do, how the target achievement, how much can be achieved, and what are the constraints that make the target to be not reached are among the things that can help us in progress and development.

4. I may do other things after work is completed.  Things like checking email, opening fb, browsing and searching here and there, reading the news and others may be done if the work is completed properly.  Think of it as a gift from the success of completing the work in a day.
Once again, this time I am determined to be a super blogger, so I’ll keep my consistency and discipline.

Greetings from magelang blogger for you!!!

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